True Source Honey, LLC is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors in accordance with its Operating Agreement. TSH is specifically organized for the purpose of becoming a recognized and credible certifier of honey products entering the U.S. food chain for the benefit of customers and consumers, who have the right to expect that every container of product that they purchase or bite of food they eat is, truthfully labeled, and ethically sourced.

TSH Board of Directors:

  • Eric Wenger, Barkman Honey, LLC - Chair
  • Prakash Kejriwal, Kejriwal Group - Vice Chair
  • Jill Clark, Dutch Gold Honey, Inc. - Treasurer
  • Michelle Poulk, Burleson's, Inc. - Secretary
  • Sarah Neves, Impex Group, Inc. - Executive Member
  • Ingrid Beutelspacher, Apimiel GmbH
  • Amit Gupta, Indocan Honey
  • Henry Klassen, Bee Maid Honey
  • Tony Noyes, Sioux Honey Association Co-op
  • Chris Olney, HoneyTree, Inc.
  • Tom Sargeantson, Sunland Trading, Inc.